How to document a usability test? [DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE SHEET]

How to document a usability test? [DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE SHEET]

You've done a usability test. That's superb! But how will you interpret the results? How will you document it?

Wait what?

Here's how we do it every day at Webabstract:

When doing the usability test, we record the process on video while the tester takes notes. When the usability test is over, the tester fills out a simple Google Drive Spreadsheet.

I find this method really easy yet very effective. The goal here is to have a document that you can work with.

You can download our Usability test sheet at the bottom of the article. Here's how it looks:

Webabstract Google Drive Sheet for documenting usability tests
This is our Google Drive Spreadsheet at Webabstract for documenting usability tests

We have 6 columns:

1. Type of the issue

  • Serious issue: When the user is not able to perform a task. These are the first priority and have a direct effect on the bounce rate. Fix them now!
  • Annoying issue: The user can perform the task but gets frustrated during the process. These are also important because UX means we care about what the users feel when using our product. Try to fix them to deliver better experience!
  • Minor issue: Most of the time you always have higher priority issues (like the two above). These issues don't make your product useless nor frustrates the user. But UX could be skyrocketed by paying attention to these details. This will make your user even more comfortable and deliver joy. This is the difference between doing something OK and love doing it.
  • Remark: Often, you'll get great feedback during a usability test. These are not really issues but useful remarks on the test and the product.

2. Description

Describe the issue. What was the problem? How the user interacted with the product? Keep it short, keep it clear.

3. Location

Where the problem occurred? Eg. in which page on a site or phase in a progress. If you evaluate several pages, this could help you group the issues and prioritize the problematic pages to fix them first.


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4. Video link

Like I said, it's always a good idea to record each test session on video. We upload them to Google Drive, so we have a separate column for the link.

5. Possible solution/fix

Some might say it's better to have a separate document just for the test results but I find this column useful. This is not an extensive solution to the problem just quick ideas and tips for yourself - like when you encounter some wording issue.

6. Note

I always leave space for this. It comes in handy when I want to remark something about the user, about the fix or the problem itself.

It's quite easy, isn't it?

When you've filled out this, sit down with your team and discuss each issue. Prioritize them and start brainstorming on the solutions!

Duplicate these sheets, so you'll get separate tabs for each usability test session. This way, you'll be able to see the progress and a better overview at the overall user experience.

Here's the link to the Google Spreadsheet:
Download the Usability Test sheet from Google Drive

The best is to make a copy to your own Google Drive! Please do not modify this :) You might download it, but I'll prefer having it online so we can use it simultaneously.

Let me know what you think! How do you deal with usability tests?

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